The law firm of Noble, Wickersham & Heart LLP offers legal advice from attorneys who have national expertise in design, construction, environmental, and land use law. We serve public and private clients, large and small, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Noble, Wickersham & Heart LLP clients are primarily architects and other design and planning professionals, developers, construction managers, universities and other non-profits, government agencies, and others involved in construction and development projects or facing environmental and land use challenges.

• We help clients solve tough problems – with contracts, disputes, permits, renewable energy projects and brownfields developments – cost effectively, creatively, and pragmatically.
• We save clients time and money by helping them anticipate and avoid problems.

Our talents in design and construction law and environmental and land use law provide our clients with a uniquely effective set of services.

• Our knowledge and experience in design and construction law is especially strong. We represent leading architects and other design professionals, nationally and internationally.
• We successfully navigate complex environmental and land use laws, drawing both on our legal experience as government regulators and private advocates and on our business experience in design, planning, and construction.
• Our abilities to prevent and settle disputes have been recognized as exceptional.

Noble, Wickersham & Heart LLP lawyers are committed to providing friendly yet professional and timely services, without the overhead, stuffiness, or billing practices of big law firms.

• We care about our clients and their long-term interests as well as short-term goals.
• When clients have needs in areas such as tax or estate planning or in foreign countries, we meet those needs cost-effectively by coordinating with experts with whom we have established relationships.
• We offer refreshingly reasonable rates.

Noble, Wickersham & Heart LLP: 

Chris Noble has more than 45 years of legal experience representing architects and other design professionals working in the U.S. and abroad. A graduate of Yale Law School, Chris chaired the Construction Law Practice Group at the Boston law firm of Hill & Barlow before co-founding Noble & Wickersham (now Noble, Wickersham & Heart) in 2003. (Full bio)

Jay Wickersham, FAIA, has worked in all areas of design and development, as Assistant Secretary of Environmental Affairs for Massachusetts, as a private lawyer, and as an architect and land use planner. Jay holds both law and architecture degrees from Harvard. (Full bio)

Bennet Heart is the former General Counsel of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and has broad environmental and land use law experience. Bennet graduated from George Washington University Law School. (Full bio)

Barbara Landau has worked for the MA Department of Environmental Protection, a brownfields real estate company and in private law practice. She holds a law degree from Northeastern University and a masters degree in City and Regional Planning from Harvard University. (Full bio)

 Catherine Redmond Noble, Wickersham & Heart in 2015. She came to the firm after having served for over ten years as in-house counsel for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, one of California’s largest environmental agencies. (Full bio)

Curt Connors  joined Noble Wickersham & Heart in 2021. Curt has practiced environmental law for over 20 years, providing guidance, creative solutions, and key litigation/mediation outcomes to clients.  Curt also represents architects, engineers, and other design professionals (surveyors, landscape architects, interior designers) in all areas of their practice. (Full bio)

Contact Information: 

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